The Skycoin Rewards Program is learning to crawl and walk as we successfully completed the first month of the competition without difficulties; well nothing catastrophic anyway!

A big shoutout to everyone who contributed by submitting content this month, you’re what will keep this program going! Remember, it’s a team effort! The more tickets that are awarded collectively… the grander the prize pool becomes. This month we had $2,000 worth of Skycoin prizes to give away to over 80 participants including the below who submitted content:


As with anything new, the number of people involved will only continue to increase as the months roll by! Now that people have seen the prizes being awarded and that it’s “‘Real”, most will feel more comfortable dedicating some time to creating content.

April is an exciting month for Skycoin Rewards! Not only have we released the full list of badges we want you to help us design (Decent design skills required), we’ve also decided to issue double tickets for all content relating to CX and submitted between April 8th and April 30th (2 double points submissions max per-person)


As mentioned above the quality of submissions for April were very high!
It all started with the website created by Marco Casino, known as @Crypto_Casino on Telegram.

Then another well known SKYlebrity @BigOokie came to the table with his video tutorials for CX:

A newcomer Fray stepped up with some amazing tutorials to help newbies get started with Skycoin, they were produced in both video and written formats. The Skyfleet stands up, salutes, and embraces you as one of the family; welcome!

Hà Huân Nguyễn created an awesome website help people get started with Skywire, specifically those in his home country Vietnam. The articles were also converted to Medium articles.

Xây dựng hạ tầng cho mạng Skywire
Skycoin — Hệ sinh thái blockchain không thể bị đánh bại
Skywire là gì?

Blévenec Martinien continued to deliver awesome content in his native tongue; French, helping to spread the Skycoin gospel across borders, removing language barriers and working towards global adoption.

Comment posséder la crypto-monnaie du siècle ?
Pourquoi j’ai décidé d’investir dans le Skycoin ?
Skycoin, le meilleur projet que l’univers des crypto-monnaies a pu mériter !

The list goes on… And in the interest of keeping this article concise, I’ll leave it there with commendation to all others who contributed throughout the month. The Skycoin team appreciates and thanks you for your continued support.

Live Stream Results:

*** I’d like to preface this with apologies for audio issues, new to this and learning as I go. The next one will be better! ***

Prizes Won:

Usually, we will have 50 spins of the wheel, due to this being the first stream and to me miscounting… We had 59 spins landing on the below:

Merch/Physical Skycoin was won 6 times (We’re allocating $45 USD for each win to cover the cost of merch or coins and shipping.) 
That leaves $1,730 in the main prize pool.
(Decimals are rounded)

The 5% reserved for consolation prizes is being split, 1% to BigOokie ($17) and 2% ($34) each to bolster both ‘Shark’ and ‘Dolphin’ prize pools.

  • Whale/Jackpot: ($519) Not won, rolls over to next months jackpot
  • Shark: (Total pool = $553: Each prize = $92) Won 6 times
  • Dolphin:(Total pool = $467: Each prize = $33) Won 14 times
  • 250 SkyCred: Won 14 times
  • Bad Luck: Landed on 17 times
  • Spot Prize: Skycoin ($173-$87 each time) 2 winners

Main Wheel Winners (Totaled):

  1. @Crypto_Casino
    250 SkyCred (Once)
    Dolphin (Once)
    Shark (Once)
    Merch/Physical Coins (2 times)
  2. @frayd 
    250 Skycred (5 times = 1,250)
    Dolphin (6 times)
    Merch/Physical Coins (2 times)
    Shark (Once)
  3. @milan_s
    250 SkyCred (Once)
  4. @nicehash1234
    250 SkyCred (Once)
  5. @Bumsee
    250 SkyCred (2 times = 500)
    Merch/Physical Coins (Once)
    Dolphin (Once)
  6. @magicstone1412
    250 SkyCred (2 times = 500)
    Dolphin (Once)
  7. @christianott
    250 SkyCred (Once)
    Merch/Physical Coins (Once)
  8. @Frahene1
    250 SkyCred (Once)
    Shark (2 times)
  9. @SkynetCSR 
    250 SkyCred (Once)
    Shark (Once)
  10. @Sofriaw
    Dolphin (2 times)
  11. @Cryptoversial
    Dolphin (Once)
  12. @Blevenec 
    Dolphin (Once)
    Shark (Once)
  13. @Pavlazakova 
    Dolphin (Once)
  14. @Camelfro 
    Merch/Physical Coins (Once)

Spot Prizes:

  1. @BigOokie: 100 SkyCred
  2. @PBatche: (CryptoWatcher on Twitter): Skycoin
  3. @Decperec: (Won Spin on main-wheel) 250 SkyCred
  4. @cjb123 (@calvo85045700 on twitter): 100 Skycred
  5. @scafold (Fizzle on Twitter): Skycoin

Prizes will all be paid out and merch/coins shipped by the end of this week (14th of April) If you were awarded Skycoin, please contact @MacSkyver, @ProfessorKubyashi or @joelcuthriell on Telegram. If you won Merch Contact @SkyEvent.

The team behind SRP is in awe of how well this project is being received!
It’s almost implicit at this point that I show gratitude to them and the judges for their continued effort; thank you team!



Article 1: ANNOUNCED 
Article 2: LAUNCH 
Article 3: BASICS 


Skycoin is my obsession!

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