The Jackpot rolls over to May… $1,500 has to go!

April was another outstanding month for Skycoin Rewards. The quality and quantity of content from the Skyfleet continues to amaze! There’s plenty more to come in future months, we’re only just getting started.

For April’s awards show results, scroll down to the results section of this article (near the bottom). Under that, you’ll also find some promotions for May which will help to maximize your ticket earning potential for the month ahead.

Let’s get into the craziness that was April!


@Bumsee create a number of inspiring self-drawn banners for the levels system we’re creating to accompany the monthly rewards program:

Sticking with the banners, @pavlazakova showed that having no previous experience in design isn’t an excuse for not giving it a go!

The April king of articles Marco Casino published a HUGE number of quality content, some of the best included:

Fray continues to show his expertise in simplifying the Skycoin ecosystem into short, entertaining video explainers; most of which have accompanying articles. Some, yes some… of the videos are shown below. Check out his channels for a full list.

Lawful created his first article submission, an excellent 9 minute read titled “Skywire Utopia”.

@Stardust72 created his first submissions for SRP including this video on how to use SHA-256 to verify your Skycoin wallet download.

And to round off what we’ll cover in this article, Brandon Koerner showed us that programmers can write too! With his explanation of CXM, his contribution to Skycoin’s CX programming language.

The list goes on and our ranks continue to grow exponentially! I’m excited to see how SRP matures and grows over the next 6 months and have started to track all the statistics to see just how much of an impact we’re really having!

A snapshot of all the Skyfleet Medium articles month-to-month (SRP launched in March)

April Results:

Because this wasn’t a live-stream there were no spot prizes, the jackpot wasn’t won either, so that makes Aprils prize pool of $1,500. (-$500 for jackpot roll-over) The pool is distributed evenly to the Shark and Dolphin prizes ($750 each)

Prizes Won:

  • Trophy (50 Skycred): Won 18 times
  • 250 Skycred: Won 15 times
  • Dolphin: Won 12 times ($62.5 per prize)
  • Shark: Won 5 times ($150 per prize)

All monitory rewards will be paid out in Skycoin. We will aim to have the prizes distributed before the 15th of May.


250 Skycred
2x Dolphin ($125 USD)

6×250 Skycred (1,500 Skycred)
5x Dolphin ($312.5 USD)
1x Shark ($150 USD)
8x Trophies (400 Skycred)

2x Trophies (100 Skycred)

1x Dolphin ($62.5 USD)

5×250 Skycred (1,250 Skycred)
2x Dolphins ($125 USD)
4x Shark ($600 USD)
5x Trophies (250 Skycred)

1 Trophy (50 Skycred)

250 Skycred

1 Dolphin ($62.5 USD)
3 Trophies (150 Skycred)

250 Skycred

1 Dolphin ($62.5 USD)

250 Skycred

Congratulations to our winners for April. It’s clear that some of you are submitting massive amounts of content and reaping the rewards. As we look to scale we will scale and tweak the system to accommodate and fairly compensate everyone involved.

May SRP Update:

We’ve added two new SRP submission options for May and are running a temporary graphic design opportunity.

Your new options are:

  • 3D printing designs: 3D prints must be Skycoin relevant (with name or logo ect.). They can be reworks. All submissions MUST be added to the Skycoin Thingiverse and then submit the link in the SRP room. Prints are worth a max of 20 tickets per submission. Join this room to get started.
  • CX Labs submissions: 20 tickets will be awarded to submissions that qualify and don’t win the 1st or 2nd prize. For more info about CX Labs, check out this article.

CX Labs graphics competition.
We’re looking for infographics, attention-grabbing graphics, posters, quotes etc. No set design guidelines apart from following Skycoin design guidelines.

1st: 700 SkyCred (70 tickets)
2nd: 400 SkyCred (40 tickets)
3rd: 200 SkyCred (20 tickets)
Acceptable submissions up to 10 tickets.

Post the graphic on Twitter with #CXLabs and /submit the twitter link in the SRP room to enter. Use these articles, here and here and the CX Labs Telegram for inspiration. End date for this is 17/05/19 at 12pm ICT

Double Points/May Promotions
CX promotion is continuing in May (2 video or article submissions per-person are eligible for double points)

Promoting CX Labs outside of the accepted mediums will earn you up to 10 tickets. (Special cases may get more) Some ideas of how to promote CX Labs include:

– Promote on Twitter to relevant groups or hashtags
– Promote in developer chatrooms/groups
– Promote on developer websites/forums
– Get an influencer interested (Likely worth more than 10)
– Promote on developer subreddits
– Promote to a group of students/at a university

You get the idea, be creative!
Submit as a comment on this Reddit post with proof of promotion!
Results will be tallied at the end of May.

Thanks for another amazing month team!



Skycoin is my obsession!

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